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Vanne déversante à ouverture vers le bas étanche sur 3 et 4 côtés et de fond plat

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The Orbinox model RB weir gate is designed for downward opening applications where a more accurate flow control is required. The water flows over the top of the slide permitting a constant upstream water elevation. The RB model weir gate is available from sizes 6”x6” (150mm x 150mm) up to 80”x80” (1200mm x 1200mm).

The sealing system is incorporated on 3 sides (both laterals and bottom), resulting in a perfect seal without the need of wedges on the gate. This unique design allows to achieve watertight performance on seating and unseating pressure conditions (bi-directional). In addition, a 4 side sealing system is available.

The leakage rate on the model RB is lower than the maximum allowable recommended by AWWA (C513-05) under normal conditions. Orbinox can also design and manufacture the RB weir gate model in larger sizes, higher service conditions and maintain a leakage rate below the allowable standard from AWWA. For larger sizes please contact an Orbinox representative.


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