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Vanne à guillotine bidirectionnelle type wafer pour l´isolement de brûleurs à charbon

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The BX model knife gate is a bi-directional wafer valve specifically designed for the isolation of pulverized coal burner lines on coal fired boilers during maintenance. The valve is dust tight which makes it suitable for other bulk handling applications, such as silo outlet valves. This valve has been designed for use in potentially explosive areas (ATEX) and it complies with DIN EN 14460 (Explosion resistant equipment). In the closed position, the valve can be used as an effective measure against flame propagation in the event of an explosion.


DN 700 to DN 1000 (Smaller and larger diameters on request).

Working pressure:.
DN 700 to DN 1000: 3 bar

Standard flange connection:
DIN PN 10.

The BX valve complies with the following European directives:
DIR 2006/42/EC (machines)
DIR 97/23/EC (PED): Fluid: Group 1 (b), 2 (Cat. I, mod A) 
DIR 94/9/EC (ATEX))
Limits of DIR 94/9/EC: These valves have been classified in Device Group II and fall in the following categories: 
II 1GD / 3GD c Category 1G or 1D inside the valve / Category 3G or 3D outside the valve 
II 1GD / 2GD c Category 1G or 1D inside the valve / Category 2G or 2D outside the valve 

DIN EN 14460 (DN 700-1000)
Valve housing resistance to explosion pressure and ignition disrupting resistance against St1 dust explosion in closed position:
DN700-800: 9,6bar 
DN900-1000: 10,5bar 
*IMPORTANT: Pressure rating of the valve refers to maximum working pressure of the valve. The maximum explosion pressure exceeds many times the working pressure, so 94/9/EC limits must always be observed.

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